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My seemingly-healthy 8 year old dog one day stopped eating. He would drink water, but would vomit it right back up. Two days passed and it didn't get any better. We brought him to a local vet and while there he went into shock. That's when it was highly suggested we go to Westford Veterinary Emergency.

When my boyfriend arrived, they were already there waiting for my precious Simba. They took him straight away without taking the time to ask any questions first. They wanted us to put a deposit down of $2400 for him to stay 2 days and perform tests/treatments. Since that was a bit hefty for our budget, we asked for them to just perform tests and we could go based on the results, and they were more-than-happy to do so. I still had to put $1100 down, but knowing there was a chance to save him was worth it.

They called not even an hour after we left to inform us Simba's liver and kidney levels were through the roof. He also had a bacterial infection. Unfortunately, we were told we could try to save him with treatment, but he would be in the hospital for at least 5 days (which would cost thousands), and even then his chances were grave. We decided we had to put him down.

The entire time, everyone there was professional, respectful, compassionate, and it truly felt like they all cared about every animal that walked through the door. They stopped doing tests once they knew his kidneys and liver were too damaged, and they actually gave me almost $300 back (and that included the cremation and euthanasia). So, I don't believe these other reviews where they say they just want your money. They could have easily taken my $1100 then asked for the money for the cremation and euthanasia, and I would have done so without questioning it.

They allowed my entire family to go into a nice, comfortable room to put my baby down. They allowed us all the time we needed with him before and after giving the injection. I'll miss my Simba everyday, but I take pride knowing he went to the best possible place he could have.
—Yelp Review

I took my dog here for the first time today. Not only did they take care of her, but they took care of me, too. I have a concussion. And without my asking for any accommodation, Jill swiftly took me and my dog out of the noisy waiting room to a quiet examination room. The vet techs, the veterinarian, and the front desk staff made efforts to ensure that I was OK while they treated my dog. They provided wonderful care for my dog. They provided exceptional customer service to me. Thank you! —Facebook Review

My husband and I can not rave enough about this facility. Their FIRST concern from the very beginning was always the well-being, pain management, and quality of life for our beloved dog Cleo.

I disagree with a few negative statements referring to them as "extortionists" or " they only want your money." This is completely absurd. NOBODY goes into veterinary medicine mainly for money. They ALL chose this field because they love animals. Period. On average, veterinary doctors make less than half of their human doctor counterparts while graduating with similar debt. These veterinarians, techs, and other staff have the right to make a living. The only way the hospital can remain open and stocked with the equipment, supplies, and medications that are needed to treat our pets is to charge for them. It's a low margin business. If they did everything without care for finances, there would be no vets for us to go to. In a tragedy of commons, we all lose.

It is not a right for anyone to own a pet--it is a privilege. When you own a pet, you are taking responsibility for all health issues and life. If a major problem does occur, we shouldn't get angry when they tells us that they can't treat our pet without covering the cost of treatment. As much as we would love for them to remain healthy forever, the reality is that they will get sick so we have to be financially ready to take care of them, just as with our children.

On December 9, 2015, our precious Cleo was admitted with fluid and pain in her abdomen accompanied with an extremely high fever. She was 9 years old and never had any major health issues so this was a complete shock. To make a long story short and without going into procedural details, she required immediate surgery. The surgery revealed a life threatening situation that we were completely unaware of inside our Cleo. She never showed any signs of pain or discomfort until the day she was admitted. They saved her life. She wouldn't have lasted another 12 hours. She had 4 masses removed and was sadly diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma.

Cleo had a rollercoaster of a recovery where, on any given day, we thought she was going to take a turn for the worst. Throughout this painful process, the doctors, techs, and the staff at the hospital were nothing short of amazing. We must've called them 10,000 times and they patiently answered every question we had. There was a stretch of time when Cleo had to be readmitted and we decided to stay overnight with her. They were so supportive and understanding while we camped out in one of the visiting rooms. It was during this time that we could really witness how much they care about their patients and their families.

Over the course of 2 1/2 weeks, Cleo must've seen just about everyone who works there. They all fell in love our our sweet Cleo. They not only did they best to make sure Cleo was comfortable, they also did their best to comfort us through our pain. There are far too many instances to call every single one out so here's just a sampling: Upon seeing us back for a recheck shortly after the surgery with very worried looks on our faces, Marcelo, despite being there 2 hours past his shift, took the time to sit down with us to calm our fears. Every time we saw Dr. Kircher, she would sit right on the floor with us and Cleo and carefully go through every detail with us while showing us the utmost empathy. Erin spent an entire day yelling at the lab that was running behind on Cleo's biopsy report and got them to rush results back on that very day. Diane spent forever chatting with us when we stayed overnight. There are FAR too many other examples to list here--they are a special group of people.

One day before Cleo was scheduled for her first chemo treatment, her little body gave out and went into renal failure. It was Christmas day. We made the impossibly difficult decision to put an end to her pain. She hung on for us for one more Christmas morning that we will forever treasure. She passed away peacefully in our arms.

After Cleo passed away, they showed us even more compassion, if that's even possible. They took her away gently on a stretcher and talked to her as they did so, calling her a sweet girl. They sent us a bouquet of flowers at home and a card with personal messages from everyone there. Marcelo and Shannon made a donation to a charity in Cleo's memory and bought her a citrus tree to plant on top of Cleo's ashes. The humanity that they showed us was truly overwhelming and made a cruel time just a little bit kinder.

We will forever be grateful to the staff for the extra 2 1/2 weeks that they gave us with our sweet Cleo. Even though we would've wanted longer (forever), we can't imagine how much more painful it would've been had we not had that additional time. We treasured every minute of that time. Thank you Westford Vet Emergency and everyone there. You are the best.
—Yelp Review

Best emergency and specialty facility in Mass! Beautiful, clean, top notch hospital! Amazing and knowledgable staff, wouldn't take my pets anywhere else. —Facebook Review

Just passing through Massachusetts, Boombox and I found ourselves in need of some care. Stopped in Westford, amazing care was given, and within an hour, we were back on the road and much more comfortable! A follow up call the next day just to check on the baby -- just an extra touch that meant so much. Can't recommend this clinic enough! Thanks for being so good -- with my cat and with me. —Facebook Review

This place is amazing! They took amazing care of my Sheilah and they were very accommodating. They truly care about all animals that come in the door. I refuse to go to any other Animal Hospital but here. A huge thank you to all of the staff!! —Facebook Review

I am so very grateful and want to thank Dr. Bruno Massat and all the wonderful and talented people who helped my dog Ryder. With his expertise, knowledge and skilled hands, my dog is once again walking without a limp. One day home from his operation and he is amazingly his old self. I am so very happy. I will recommend WFE to all. From the bottom of my heart, and Ryders, THANK YOU! —Facebook Review

This place is amazing & not only did they help us when no one else would, their professionalism & expertise in animal care saved our cat & her kittens lives against all odds. They were kind & caring & kept us informed every step of the way. THANK YOU so very much for giving our precious Mya the opportunity to come home with her family! ALL of her family —Facebook Review

The amazing staff here had been caring for my very special cat for a number of months. Unfortunately this past weekend I had to make the decision to say goodbye to her, as her prognosis was not good, and she had been miserable and suffering for far too long. I had a lot of negative experience with veterinary offices prior to coming here, and the staff at Westford always went above and beyond for my cat. They explored all options and kept me completely in the loop. It is clear that the doctors here have a passion for what they do, and love their patients. Even in the process of letting her go they were the most compassionate and understanding. As difficult as it was, they made it so much easier than it could have been and supported myself and my pet throughout the process. I would recommend these folks all day long, especially Dr. Sierra who really seems to have a calling for this work and helped me tremendously. They truly are the best at what they do, and I owe them my peace of mind and the last few enjoyable months I had with my cat. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for you all, thank you for all you do! —Facebook Review

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