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Emergency Veterinary Technicians

Amanda (CVT), Lead Emergency Veterinary Technician

Certified Veterinary Technician Amanda joined the team at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in June of 2016. She previously worked as a kennel assistant, a general practice technician and an emergency and critical care technician. She holds an associate's degree in veterinary technology and a bachelor's degree in animal science from Becker College.

"I enjoy working in an emergency facility where I can use my skills and knowledge," says Amanda. "I enjoy being able to learn new things from my co-workers and be able to further my skills and knowledge working with the exotic animals we see."

Amanda has a black lab named Zoe. In her free time she enjoys hiking, snowmobiling, biking, kayaking, reading and swimming.

Miriam (CVT), Lead Emergency Veterinary Technician

Miriam joined the team at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in October 2016. As an emergency veterinary technician, she is responsible for monitoring anesthesia, placing IV catheters, obtaining samples, triaging patients and communicating with and comforting clients. She provides exceptional nursing care to patients by communicating directly with the veterinarian to ensure that all patients receive accurate treatment to help with pain and healing.

"The most rewarding part of my job is being able to provide pain relief and help a patient recover from whatever ailment they may have," Miriam says. "I am happiest when I am able to discharge a patient back to their owner with an expectation of a full recovery."

Miriam holds an Associate degree in Veterinary Science from Becker College, and has experience handling a wide variety of exotic, domestic and farm animals. She is currently licensed with the Massachusetts Veterinary Technician Association, and is a Certified Veterinary CPR instruction with Basic Animal Rescue Training.

At home, Miriam has a 5-year-old domestic shorthair cat named Sir Sebastian Von Haddock, a 5-year-old terrier-mix named Layla and a 30-year-old quarter horse named Lizzy. She enjoys walking and hiking with her dog, riding her horse for pleasure, and cuddling with her cat. Outside of the hospital, Miriam spend her free time swimming, boating, tubing, jet-skiing, four-wheeling, going on nature walks, relaxing on the beach, dancing, antiquing and fishing.

Alicia (CVT), Emergency Veterinary Technician

Alicia is an emergency veterinary technician who is exceptionally skilled at performing triage and caring for our critically ill patients. She joined the Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center team in March 2014. Alicia earned her Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Science from Becker College and is a certified veterinary technician.

"I enjoy working at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center because of the dedicated staff that strives for excellent patient care," she says. Alicia has a Doberman Pinscher named Berenger and two cats named Cali and Celia. She enjoys spending her free time running, hiking, reading and riding horses.

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffAlissa, Emergency Veterinary Technician

Alissa is a down-to-earth and compassionate veterinary nurse who has been skillfully caring for patients at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center since October 2014. Her responsibilities include triage, monitoring patients during surgery and critical care. Alissa earned her Bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

"I enjoy the high energy and excitement of emergency medicine, never knowing what can walk through the door next," she says. "I also enjoy working with a staff that's just as like-minded in the quality of medicine and personal care given to every animal that comes in for treatment. I am continuously challenged and encouraged to learn more every day from both my fellow technicians and the incredible doctors and management I work with."

Outside work, Alissa enjoys working on her family farm, riding horses, hiking and other outdoor activities. She has a Staffordshire terrier named Ziva, a Quarterhorse named Indy, a Miniature Pinto named Java and a barn cat named Sawyer as well as hens, cows and occasionally goats.

Angela (CVT), Emergency Veterinary Technician

Brittany N., Emergency Veterinary Technician

Brittany is a veterinary nurse who prides herself on being very organized and enjoys keeping busy. She joined our team in July 2015, bringing six years of experience in veterinary care. Her responsibilities include those of an emergency technician, as well as assisting with triage and the critical care of our patients. Brittany graduated as a veterinary technician from Vermont Technical College and then completed her degree online.

"Working in general practice for years, I wanted a change and I feel as though I have made the right decision on coming to WVERC," she says. "WVERC is quite busy and very fast pace and I absolutely love that!"

Brittany spends her free time with her husband Todd, her son Parker, and their Staffordshire terrier Scooby. The family enjoys going to the Cape, spending time on their boat, fishing, and just enjoying the ocean. In the summer and fall, Brittany likes to can fresh fruit and vegetables. The family also has two Nigerian dwarf goats, Carmella and Lilly.

Brittany R., Emergency Veterinary Technician

Brittany joined the emergency veterinary technician team in November 2016, part-time. Her responsibilities include triage, performing lab work and stabilizing patients. She is currently a junior at Mount Ida College and is enrolled in the veterinary technology program.

"I love the environment and working with the staff at WVERC. Everyone treats each other like family and everyone is extremely motivated and hardworking when it comes to helping our patients."

She is an active member of the student chapter of the National Veterinary Technician association.

Brittany has over five years of experience in the animal-related field, including working as a veterinary assistant and as an animal care specialist prior to working at the hospital. She has one dog, a lab-mix named Kali. When not studying, Brittany enjoys going to the gym, any outside activities like hiking and spending time with her family and friends.

Courtney (CVT), Emergency Veterinary Techician

Certified Veterinary Technician Courtney joined the Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center team in in August 2016. She holds an associate degree in veterinary technology and a bachelor's degree in veterinary science.

"I enjoy the fast paced nature of this work, and being able to learn new skills from my teammates," says Courtney.

When she's not working, Courtney enjoys reading, tennis, and has recently taken up skateboarding. She also enjoys strolling through flea markets for her next piece of furniture to refinish. Courtney has a 14-year-old Yorkie named Cloe and a 5-year-old cat, Onyx.

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffCrystal, Emergency Veterinary Technician

Crystal is a skilled and experienced veterinary technician who handles triage and critical patient care. She is enrolled at Penn Foster and is a Hill's Veterinary Nutrition Advocate. Crystal joined our emergency and referral center in August 2014. She especially enjoys "working with an exciting crew of veterinary professionals who strive to provide the best patient care possible."

Outside work, Crystal enjoys the beach, local sports, reading, painting, trying out new restaurants in Boston, hiking, wine tasting and spending time with her daughter and boyfriend.

Dianne (CVT), Emergency Veterinary Technician

As a veterinary technician, Dianne's responsibilities include taking vital signs and medical history, placing IV catheters and collecting blood and urine samples, completing in-house laboratory tests and taking radiographs. She is excellent and experienced at both comforting our patients and empathizing with their owners.

Dianne earned her Associate's degree in veterinary technology from Newbury College and joined our team in 2012. She recently became a grandma to Luna, a beagle mix.

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffErin, Emergency Veterinary Technician

As one of our veterinary technicians, Erin loves not know what the day will bring when she comes into work and appreciates being able to help pets and their parents in their time of greatest need. She joined the Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in February 2014.

"Westford Veterinary Emergency is a positive working environment where the patients and their families are always priority number one," she says. "We strive to work together and learn from each other to provide the best possible medical care."

Erin has a Bullmastiff named Bruno and a Shiba Inu mix named Izzy. She spends her free time with her family, traveling to the Cape in the summer and taking her dogs to the beach.

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffKara (CVT), Emergency Veterinary Technician

With excitement to see what each new day will bring, Kara brought her positive attitude and outlook to Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in September 2015. With more than a decade of experience in animal related fields, she is responsible for triage and emergency and critical care. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Animal Science from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island.

"Westford Veterinary Emergency truly cares for their patients and provides the best care possible by working together as a team," she says.

Outside work, Kara enjoys spending time with family and friends, baking, cooking, traveling, and being outdoors - as long as it's warm!

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffKatie (CVT), Emergency Veterinary Technician

Katie began working as a veterinary technician's assistant in 2001 and has been hooked on animal hospitals ever since. With her love of fast-paced emergency environments and ability to thrive when it's "crazy busy," she joined our bustling center in June 2015. Her responsibilities as a CVT include emergency and critical care nursing, triage, radiology, phlebotomy, and surgical assistance and monitoring. She earned her Associate's degree in Biological Sciences from San Diego Mesa College.

"I like to sit down with my patients for bonding time, encouraging them to eat, helping them relax and feel more comfortable in the hospital setting," she says. "I love the team atmosphere, the dedication to quality medicine, and the willingness and encouragement for training and development."

Outside work, Katie is a member of the American Morgan Hose Association and Ducks Unlimited. She enjoys horseback riding, hiking, boating, fishing, and camping. In addition to her 20-year-old Morgan horse Dancer, she has three dogs: a wirehaired Vizsla, Sammy; a terrier mix, Bailey; and a Doberman, Dante.

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffKelsey, Emergency Veterinary Technician

Kelsey joined Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in September 2014, bringing with her eight years of experience in the animal care field. She has a Bachelor's degree in Biology with a focus in Animal Science and is currently taking pre-nursing classes at Massachusetts Bay Community College.

"I love working for WVERC because all the doctors are extremely intelligent and warm hearted," she says. "The technicians are also amazingly kind and sincere."

At home, Kelsey cares for an Australian Shepherd named Lacee and a cat named Dexter. She also fosters kittens for the Baypath Humane Society. She spends her limited free time playing paintball and hiking with Lacee.

Kyrie (CVT), Emergency Veterinary Technician

Kyrie Sawicki joined the staff at Westford Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center in January 2017. She has worked in the animal-care field since 2007, and her favorite part of her job is working with critical patients and helping them towards recovery. As an emergency veterinary technician, she is also responsible for triaging patients, obtaining blood samples, placing IV catheters and monitoring anesthesia.

"Westford Veterinary Emergency is a hospital that not only has great client/patient care, but is also a great environment to work in," Kyrie says. "I love how everyone works together to help any and all patients that come through the door."

Prior to joining our hospital, Kyrie worked as an animal shelter volunteer, a kennel and daycare assistant and as a veterinary assistant and technician. She holds an Associate degree in Veterinary Medicine from Middlesex Community College, and is certified in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

At home, Kyrie has a 6-year-old domestic shorthair named Sable, a 5-year-old domestic shorthair named Autumn and an 11-year-old Siberian Husky named Kodiak. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, antique shopping and crafting.

Melanie, Emergency Veterinary Technician

Melanie joined the Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in July 2016. Her responsibilities as an Emergency Veterinary Technician include assisting the veterinarians with the medical care of hospitalized patients, patient advocate and filling in as temporary cuddle buddy for pets when owner can't be there. Providing comfort to patients and assuring they are treated well are what she enjoys most in her role at the hospital.

"I enjoy working with the great team members at Westford," Melanie says. "Everyone is so friendly and compassionate."

She has a bachelor's of science and has been employed in an animal related field for four years. In her free time, Melanie enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with her dog.

Meridythe (CVT), Emergency Veterinary Technician

Meridythe joined the Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center team in October 2016. As an emergency veterinary technician, her duties include the triage of patients, performing outpatient procedures and running blood tests.

She graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2005 with a bachelor degree in business administration and earned a bachelor degree in science from Mount Ida College in the fall of 2016.

Meridythe has worked in an animal-related field for four years, including as a volunteer for a greyhound adoption center.

"The staff has a strong work ethic and knowledge in regards to veterinary medicine, and work as a team in order to care for clients and their pets," she says.

When not working, Meridythe enjoys going for walks and hikes with her dog, Andiamo, a 3-year-old terrier mix adopted from Tennessee. She also likes reading mystery novels, watching Red Sox, Bruins and New England Patriot games, as well as spending time with friends and family.

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffRobin, Emergency Veterinary Technician & Inventory Manager

With more than three decades of experience in an animal related field, Robin joined our team in October 2012. "The people are great to work with and there is always something to learn," she says.

Robin holds a Bachelor's degree in Biological Science from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and has spent years working in both a general and emergency veterinary practice. With her excellent organizational skills, she is in charge of monitoring hospital inventory. Her responsibilities also include caring for our patients, whether in- or outpatient.

Specialty Veterinary Technicians

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffChristine, Specialty Veterinary Technician & Hospital Coordinator

A natural team player and problem solver, Christine has been a part of the Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center team "since day one" in November 2012. Christine is in charge of the day-to-day running of our specialty departments and ensuring strong communication between all of our departments. She is also our Lowell Humane Society and NEADS program hospital liaison. With an Associate's degree in Animal Science from Mount Ida College, she boasts 16 years of experience in an animal related field.

"I really enjoy meeting our clients and their beloved pets," she says. "I love hearing their stories and seeing the bond between them."

Christine volunteers her free time with ACE (Animal Care and Education) of Central Massachusetts, a non-profit organization dedicated to the care of animals in need and the education of school children and their families on pet care responsibility.

Outside work, Christine is also a licensed horseback riding instructor and former member of the Mount Ida Equestrian Team. These days, she enjoys trail riding just for fun. She also enjoys hiking, reading,  cooking on the grill, and being kept busy by her two sons, Owen and Myles. Christine and her family have two dogs, a Puggle, Suzie, and a Chihuahua, Hershey; two cats, Angel and Simmy; and a beta fish, Squidward Tentacles.

Jerri, Specialty Veterinary Technician

Jerri joined Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in January 2017, and has worked in the animal-care field for over 10 years. As a veterinary technician, she assists with ultrasounds, CT scans, oncology treatments, radiographs, internal medicine appointments, blood draws and lab work. Jerri earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Technology from Mt. Ida College in 2006.

At home, Jerri has a 3-year-old lab mix named Dublin, two 3-year-old lab/boxer mixes named Maddie and Sully, and a lovebird named Grady. She enjoys spending her free time with her son Caydin, family and friends. Jerri is an assistant coach on Caydin’s baseball team. She also enjoys photography, camping and going to the beach.

Westford Emergency VeterinariansStaci, Specialty Veterinary Technician

Staci joined our team as an Internal Medicine Technician in June 2015, bringing five years of experience as a former Emergency Veterinary Technician. She is responsible for intake and care of patients, communicating with pet owners, and setting up for ultrasounds, scoping procedures, and CT scans. With a readiness to "do whatever is needed," she most enjoys comforting and caring for our patients. She holds a certificate of completion from the Apollo College Veterinary Assistant program in Oregon.

"I enjoy working at WVERC for many reasons, but it's great to work with people that care about animals so much and are so knowledgeable," she says.

Outside work, Staci enjoys traveling, camping, running, and cooking. She has a three Miniature Pinschers, Hana, Danny, and Levi (a min-pin/Italian Greyhound mix).

Westford Emergency VeterinariansVanessa, Specialty Veterinary Technician

Vanessa started with Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in October 2015. As a former veterinary oncology technician, Vanessa routinely ran blood work on patients prior to treatment with chemotherapy, prepared and administered chemotherapy, took radiographs, and helped educate pet owners on the treatment and its side effects. With nine years of oncology experience and another year spent working in a general practice, Vanessa is a valuable asset to WVERC's team of skilled veterinary technicians.

Vanessa is married and has a 3 1/2 -year-old daughter. The family has a 12-year-old cat named Flick and a nine-year-old Pug named Liza.

Emergency Veterinary Technician Assistants

Amber, Emergency Veterinary Techinician Assistant

Amber joined the team at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center as an emergency veterinary technician assistant in February of 2016. She brings two years of experience in the animal care field to the position.

"Working at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center has been a great experience so far," says Amber. "I have learned so much from the staff and veterinarians!"

Amber has a cat and a dog. In her free time, she enjoys going to local rail trails and taking long walks with her dog.

Westford Emergency VeterinariansEmily, Emergency Veterinary Technician Assistant

Emily has worked with Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center since December of 2015. As an emergency veterinary technician assistant, her responsibilities include assisting the doctors and veterinary technicians with their work, working in the laboratory, and helping to give the best care to every animal that comes through the door. Emily is a graduate of Salem State College and holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology.

At home, Emily has a four year old Great Pyrenees named Camilla. She enjoys doing CrossFit in her free time.

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffKatie, Emergency Veterinary Technician Assistant

Katie joined the Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center team in October 2014. Attentive and driven, her responsibilities include helping stabilize patients, assisting our veterinarians during procedures, feeding patients, maintaining supplies and hospital maintenance.

"I like working here because everyone has the same goals and puts patient care first," she says. "I feel as though we all work as a good team, and strive to make the hospital the best possible."

At home, Katie cares for a Labrador-Beagle mix named Shane, two cats named Lily and Luna and two Netherland Dwarf rabbits named Elsa and Sophia. She enjoys spending her free time hiking and exploring with family and friends.

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffStephanie, Emergency Veterinary Technician Assistant

Emergency veterinary technician assistant Stephanie joined the team at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in January of 2015. She has six years of experience in the animal care field, having previously worked as a technician assistant and a kennel technician in other area veterinary hospitals. Her favorite part of her position is being able to learn new things from her coworkers.

At home, Stephanie has three cats: Bear, Princeton and Frankie. She enjoys hiking, fishing, snowboarding and watching the Bruins in her spare time.

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffVanessa H., Emergency Veterinary Technician Assistant

Vanessa is a compassionate and understanding emergency veterinary technician assistant who joined the Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in November 2014. Her responsibilities include assisting veterinarians during procedures and helping the hospital's patients receive the best care possible .

"I enjoy working in this veterinary hospital because of my wonderful coworkers, amazing clientele and the variety of animals I see from day to day," she says. "Emergency clinics have a different type of atmosphere, but our team is outstanding when it comes to putting the clients and their pets first."

Outside work, Vanessa likes to spend her time with her family, visiting her mom in Hawaii and going on adventures with her boyfriend.

Vanessa S., Emergency Veterinary Technician Assistant

Vanessa first joined the Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center team in May 2016 as an intern. After two months, she was hired as a part-time technician assistant. She is currently enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she is working toward a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science.

She enjoys drawing blood, taking X-rays and doing lab work for patients.

"I like working here at WVERC because it is fast paced and every day brings something new," she says. "Everyone here works well together and they are always willing to teach me."

Vanessa has two pets of her own, including a 9-year-old German shepherd named Troy and a 16-year-old cat named Skinny. In addition to her time as a technician assistant, she always does some livestock work at the UMass Hadley Farm. Beyond work, Vanessa enjoys spending time with her family and friends, running, yoga and cooking.

Client Service Representatives

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffKathy, Lead Client Service Representative & Accounts Receivable Manager

Kathy joined our team in May 2013 and is responsible for supervising the reception staff and overseeing accounts receivable. In her role, she can successfully combine her love and compassion for animals, her years of client communication experience and her knowledge of accounting.

"I love working for an exceptional management team that constantly shows their appreciation to the staff," she says. "It's a pleasure to work in an environment where we are able to medically treat such a variety of animals and see the happy reunion when they can go home."

Kathy has two mixed breed dogs, Rexey and Lilly, and three cats, Smokey, Snickers and Molly. She enjoys yard sales, flea markets, open houses, walks with her dogs and spending time with family and friends.

Westford Emergency VeterinariansAlysha, Client Service Representative & Referral Relations Coordinator

As our client service representative and referral relations coordinator, Alysha helps to ensure our clients and patients have a positive experience at our hospital and works closely with the doctors and technicians to manage day-to-day operations. She began working at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in October 2013.

"I love working at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center because we can provide close, exceptional care in emergency situations," she says. "Our clients know they are getting our undivided attention and care."

Alysha has two Pitbulls, Sydney and Lucien, and a tortoise kitten named Bynx. Sydney is a retired service dog who spent three years comforting cancer patients at a local hospital. When she's not at Westford, Alysha enjoys spending time with her daughter, cooking, camping and cheering for the Patriots and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Kaity, Client Service Respresentative

Kaity joined the team at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in January 2017. Her daily responsibilities include greeting clients, answering phones and entering patient charts. An animal lover herself, Kaity’s favorite part of the job is seeing and petting all the great dogs in our lobby.

“I like seeing all the dogs that come in to the hospital and talking to our clients about their pets,” Kaity says. “I love seeing the reunions our inpatients have with their owners when it’s time to go home.”

At home, Kaity has a 2-year-old Shepherd mix named Luna who she practices agility training with. In her free time, Kaity enjoys hiking with Luna, taking walks on the beach, baking and visiting new places.

Daphne, Client Service Representative

Daphne joined the Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center team as a client service representative in August 2016. Her friendly personality lends a cheery atmosphere to the hospital while she provides excellent customer service.

At home, Daphne has a 4-year-old Chihuahua named Peanut who loves to go for car rides and pretends to drive. During her free time, Daphne likes taking walks at the park or beach and enjoys movie nights.

Jennifer, Client Service Respresentative

Jennifer joined the team at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in March 2017. As a client service representative at our hospital, she is responsible for greeting clients, answering multiple phone lines, handling money, checking out patients and making sure that the waiting room is presentable at all times. Jennifer is a hardworking multitasker who thrives under pressure. She loves that every day brings something new and challenging.

“Having just started here, I can already say that from the moment I walked in the door, everyone is very welcoming and friendly with me,” Jennifer says. “It is a beautiful facility and I am very glad that I decided to become a part of a wonderful team.”

At home, Jennifer has a 2-year-old Miniature Daschund named Archibald (“Archie”) that is like a child to her. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors with friends and taking Archie to beaches and lakes when she can. Jennifer also enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, discovering new places to visit and great new restaurants to go with friends, going to sporting events and simply enjoying life.

Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffKarla, Client Service Representative

Marjorie, Client Service Representative

Marjorie joined the staff Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in January 2017. She has worked in the animal care field for over 12 years. Marjorie's daily responsibilities include greeting clients, checking patients in and keeping the front of the hospital neat and tidy. She enjoys helping people help their animals. Marjorie's customer services skills extend beyond animal care; she earned her bachelor's degree from Providence College in English/Marketing and provided excellent customer service in the retail field for several years.

"I love the fast pace of this hospital, the late hours, and seeing how much people love their animals!" Marjorie says.

At home, Marjorie has a 9-year-old beagle named Max, a 13-year-old schnauzer mix named Benny, a 17-year-old calico cat named Casey, a 9-year-old tabby cat named Boombie and a 4-year-old domestic shorthair named Teddy Bear. In her free time, Marjorie volunteers as part of the management team at Ahisma Haven Animal Rescue in Templeton. She helps with animal care and adoptions, among other things. Marjorie also enjoys spending time with her 9-year-old son, volunteering and ghost hunting.

Jessa, Client Service Representative


Westford Emergency Veterinary StaffLisa, Practice Manager

As our practice manager since September 2014, Lisa's responsibilities include overseeing the daily operations of the hospital and maintaining positive relationships with team members, clients and referring veterinarians. Lisa earned her Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Technology from Becker College and is a certified veterinary technician. With her thorough understanding of the veterinary industry, she is committed to ensuring we offer exceptional client service and patient care.

"Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center is a growing organization which values the opinions and suggestions of its team members," she says. "We consistently strive to offer top-notch client service and patient care, and search for methods to improve the business."

Lisa has four cats: Cliffy, Tippy, Kayla and Mary Ellen. She enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, watching her son play sports and spending time with family and friends.

Westford Emergency VeterinariansJohn, Director of Organizational Development

As Director of Organizational Development, John is responsible for facility design and maintenance and employee well-being. John works closely with the staff to help them develop as individuals and professionals, and has a passion for continuous improvement. He holds a PhD in Engineering and is currently enrolled in a Master's program for robotics.

"Our staff is the best there is in terms of professionalism, capability and personality," says John. "It's great to just be at the hospital and see the teamwork. I'm proud to be a staff member."

At home, John has a fish, Wanda, who is over 20 years old. He enjoys auto restoration, home restoration, ship building, and fitness.

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