Westford Emergency Veterinary Staff

Amy P.

Emergency Veterinary Technician

Amy is our veterinary technician who joined our team in September 2018. Her positive, upbeat attitude and compassion combined with her 6-years experience in the animal field makes her a great fit for our staff. She has an Associate's Degree in Life Science and thoroughly enjoys helping our clients become stronger and healthier.

"I never know what my day will look like and enjoy the unpredictable, fast pace of the office. I enjoy helping sick and injured pets of all species," Amy says.

At home, Amy's place is filled with loving pets! She has a nine-year-old Staffordshire mix named Cocoa, four cats – Shadow, a one-year-old domestic long-haired; Milo, a nine-year-old domestic long-haired; Simbra, a 10-yer-old domestic short-haired; Princess, a 16-year-old domestic-long haired – a blue-tongued skink named Little Foot, a ball python named Baelfire, a King snake named Noodle, two tarantulas, a turtle, a scorpion, and a Sugar Glider named Rocky. What a full house!

In her spare time, Amy enjoys hiking, fishing, traveling, and zoo-hopping.

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