Westford Emergency Veterinary Staff


Neurology Technician Assistant

Abby joined Westford Veterinary Emergency Referral Center full-time in May of 2019, and she has about two years of experience working in the veterinary care field. Abby runs the MRI, assists with anesthesia, patient care, recovery, and running appointments. She loves running the MRI machine because it feels like a puzzle when you are able to get all the settings right to get the best quality image. Not every hospital is equipped with MRI capability, so Abby is grateful that she gets to expand her knowledge of neurology and radiology here at Westford Vet. Abby also loves being able to spend time with patients and helping them receive the best care possible. She brings her compassion for every living thing and her eagerness to learn and further her education to become a technician.

At home, Abby has two cats of her very own. Batty is a 14-year-old female Siamese American shorthair mix and Leesy is an 8-year-old male American shorthair. She also had a male American shorthair named Edward Scissorhands, now deceased but kept in memory. Leesy was a stray before Abby rescued him, and he loves to be outside. Abby frequently brings him on walks around the neighborhood.

In her free time, Abby enjoys being outdoors hiking, biking, swimming, and playing lacrosse. She also enjoys reading, playing video games, knitting, listening and dancing to music, and drawing comics.

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