Westford Emergency Veterinary Staff


Specialty Veterinary Technician Assistant

Full-time Speciality Veterinary Assistant Kara Leavitt joined our team in June of 2020. She is responsible for taking histories, assisting with appointments, additional diagnostics, assisting and holding pets during ultrasounds, and assisting with CT/scope procedures. Kara loves being able to interact with both patients and their owners. Part of her job includes informing pet owners about their pet's treatment, and letting them know that their furry friend is always well cared for when they come to the office! Kara is highly empathetic and she really thinks outside the box. She is particularly skilled at making patients feel more comfortable and less stressed.

Kara has a Bachelor's of Science in Biology with a minor in Philosophy from Tufts University where she graduated in 2019. Before coming to work at Westford Veterinary Emergency Referral Center, Kara worked in general practice at Arlington Animal Clinic and volunteered at a hospital in Maine. She has also worked at a doggy daycare as a dog walker and as the driver of their "school bus" to bring dogs to and from the daycare.

When asked why she loves working at Westford Veterinary Emergency Referral Center, Kara said "I love the longer appointments and the ability to spend more time connecting with our clients and patients. We're able to take very detailed histories, answer questions, and we see some of our patients pretty frequently and can really build those relationships. I also love the opportunity to learn more about medicine as well as advance my technical skills."

At home, Kara has a 7 year old lab mix named Nova. She rescued her from a shelter in northern Maine when she was in college. She loves bringing her to work every day! Kara spends her free time reading (especially comic books) and working on her annual reading challenge. She also goes to the library at least once per week. When she is not reading, Kara also enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, going to Emo Nights in Boston, and doing latch hook rugs.

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