Veterinary Emergency Transport

VET AmbulanceVeterinary Emergency Transport
for Small Animals

Veterinary Emergency Transport (V.E.T.) is equipped to pick up and treat patients from other veterinary hospitals en route to our clinic. Our ambulance was a "human" ambulance, which we customized to handle dogs, cats and other small animals. With its siren on and lights flashing, it can quickly and safely deliver your pet to our team of waiting professionals.

This mobile ICU is equipped with a GPS navigation system, closed-circuit video monitoring system, electrical inverter, suction unit, IV pumps, infusion warmer, cardiac/respiratory arrest support and an oxygen cage with more than 100 hours of constant oxygen delivery.

We provide:

  • Hospital-to-Hospital Transfer Services
    • Emergency Transports
    • Oxygen Cage Transports
    • Continuous IV Fluid Transports
    • Intensive/Critical Care Transports