Westford Emergency Veterinary Staff


Emergency Veterinary Technician

Janelle is a full-time Emergency Veterinary Technician here at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center. She assists veterinary technicians position patients for treatment, processes radiographs, prepares patients for surgery, provides nursing and comfort care, and performs treatments and basic laboratory diagnostic tests. Janelle is passionate about providing high-quality nursing care and comforting pets and their owners. Before joining our team as a Technician Assistant this October, Janelle worked with Westford Veterinary Surgical Specialists for three years. She spent those years providing excellent customer service and being a hardworking team member! Janelle also has a BS in Biology from East Carolina University.

"I loved working with the surgery department for three years as Dr. Bruno Massat was an amazing mentor to me, and I LOVE assisting in surgery. While working here, I have been amazed by the hardworking ER team, their bravery, vast knowledge, and commitment to compassionate animal care. I am very excited to be a part of this team, to learn from them and contribute in any way I can."

At home, Janelle has two cats of her own. Millie (Millibean) is a 3 year old Turkish Van mix, and Joey (Joeybear) is a 5 year old orange tabby with very cute nose freckles. In her free time, Janelle enjoys hanging out with her cats, and she also works at a restaurant part-time. Janelle also loves painting, and she sells her artwork and other various handmade crafts on the internet. She also tends to her garden and spends a lot of time outdoors.

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