Westford Emergency Veterinary Staff


CVT, Critical Care Technician

A certified veterinary nurse, Miriam is currently licensed with the Massachusetts Veterinary Technician Association and is a Certified Veterinary CPR instructor with BART (Basic Animal Rescue Training). Since October 2016, her job at Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center involves communicating directly with the veterinarian to ensure that all patients are receiving accurate treatments to help with pain and healing. In addition to, administering anesthesia and phlebotomy.

Miriam’s favorite part of her job is being able to help patients recover from their ailments and send them back home with their owners. “I also love that this field is full of growth and learning opportunities- I feel like I will always be able to expand my career,” she says. Working with the friendly, passionate staff at WVERC makes her feel good to know she’s surrounded by people who love the job as much as she does.

At home, she has three cats named Sebastian, Leslie, and Thomas. She also has a dog named Lyla. When Miriam isn't caring for patients or spending time with her pets, she enjoys horseback riding, four-wheeling, boating, antiquing, and traveling.

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